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Trial Lawyers Inc.

   Trial Lawyers Inc.: Health Care
    The Lawsuit Industry's Effect on American Health, 2005


The Lawsuit Industry's Effect on American Health: Condition Critical?
Trial Lawyers Inc. Health Care
A Message from the Director

Focus: Lines of Business
Drugs and Medical Devices
Special Focus: Vaccines
Medical Malpractice
Special Focus: Hospitals
Health Maintenance Organizations

Government Relations/Public Relations
Outlook and Conclusion

Other Resources
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Other Resources


American Medical Association


Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

Billy Tauzin, President
www.phrma.org, (202) 835-3400

Physician Insurers Association of America

Lawrence E. Smarr, President
www.piaa.us, (301) 947-9000



Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy

James R. Copland, Director

Peter W. Huber, Senior Fellow

Walter K. Olson, Senior Fellow

www.manhattan-institute.org/clp, (212) 599-7000

American Enterprise Institute Liability Project

Ted Frank, Director and Resident Fellow

www.aei.org, (202) 862-5820


American Justice Partnership
Dan Pero, President
www.americanjusticepartnership.com, (517) 371-5256

American Legislative Exchange Council
Kristin Armshaw, Director, Civil Justice Task Force
www.alec.org, (202) 466-3800

American Tort Reform Association
Sherman Joyce, President
www.atra.org, (202) 682-1163

Common Good
Philip K. Howard, Founder and Chairman
www.cgood.org, (212) 576-2700

Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies
Leonard Leo, Executive Vice President
www.fed-soc.org, (202) 822-8138

National Association of Manufacturers
John Engler, President
www.nam.org, (202) 637-3000

RAND Institute for Civil Justice
Robert T. Reville, Director
www.rand.org/icj, (310) 451-6979

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform
Lisa A. Rickard, President
www.legalreformnow.com, (202) 463-5724

Washington Legal Foundation
Daniel J. Popeo, Chairman and General Counsel
www.wlf.org, (202) 588-0302

Other Individual Experts

Richard A. Epstein, University of Chicago Law School
(773) 702-9563

Daniel P. Kessler, Stanford Business School
(650) 723-4492

Michael I. Krauss, George Mason School of Law
(703) 993-8024

Jeffrey O’Connell, University of Virginia School of Law
(434) 924-7809

W. Kip Viscusi, Harvard Law School
(617) 496-0019

James M. Wootton, Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw
(202) 263-3230


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